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Freeload: The Electric Set, “Are You Out Of Your Mind”

April 09, 2009

Somewhere between creating nightmarish roadtrip music with Indian Jewelry, Brandon Davis started recording solo as The Electric Set. The music leans the same as IJ: industrial grind and sweat-soaked riffs dominate, but the Electric Set is grimier, more straightforward. Guitars sound a little more like guitars, and choruses are belted out from beneath a thick layer of murk. Basically we're making this sound like the most unappealing music ever made—and all things considered, it probably should be. But it's not, Davis started with reverb based shoegaze, kicked the treble up a bunch of notches and somehow made depressing shit eminently listenable. The Electric Set album is out right now on Tigerbeat6.

Download: The Electric Set, "Out of Your Mind"

Posted: April 09, 2009
Freeload: The Electric Set, “Are You Out Of Your Mind”