NYC: Knyfe Hyts 4/20 Show/Release Party!

April 20, 2009

We first heard about Knyfe Hyts a couple years ago, we were record shopping at Mondo Kim's on St. Mark's (RIP) where Knyfe Hyts mondokind Shah Motia used to work, and he was like "Yeah I have this new band, we only play weird messed up sets at like 4 am," leading us to believe they were the definition of afterparty weirdo stoner rave invocations. Fast forward two years to 4/20/09: Knyfe Hyts is finally releasing a record, "Screamin Lov" b/w "We Go Wanderin" on Dick Move Records (of course). It is one of those "EVENTS" the television fronts about having the whole time because there are only 100 copies of said LP in existence and will not be released outside their show in FIVE MOVEMENTS, composer style, tonight in Williamsburg at the Monster Island Basement! MYSTICAL DUDES! A compendium of info/address after the jump.

FROM THE BAND: "Dick Move curator BJ Rubin will personalize each record by handwriting fans’ names on the sleeve upon purchase. The music and artwork will also be available for 100 hours to download for free, beginning at 4:20am on 4/20/09 and only from the blog Pukekos."

Knyfe Hyts in “Best of Five Sets” Starring Bubo V, Brother Khatamkari, Brother Minakari

:: Invocation in three steps by Micki Pellerano

:: Featuring BJ Rubin, curator of Dick Move and Pukekos, as Master of Ceremonies

::: Knyfe Hyts perform Monday's Perfume [the Sheep]: “Hyts of Summer” to “We Know When the Sun Goes Down”

::::: Knyfe Hyts perform Friday's Perfume [the Pig]: “Gnome Eaters” to “I Lov U More”

::::::: Knyfe Hyts perform “Smoke The Milk”

::::::::: projections by Mighty Robot A/V Squad, sets by Eli Lehrhoff & Co., costuming by Arthur Arbit, and makeup by Vashti Windish


128 River St @ Metropolitan Ave | Williamsburg, Brooklyn

L-Bedford, G-Metropolitan, JM-Marcy | 9:30pm | all ages | $4.20

Posted: April 20, 2009
NYC: Knyfe Hyts 4/20 Show/Release Party!