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Freeload: Nipsey Hussle f. June Summers, “My Language”

April 22, 2009

We've flubbed Nipsey Hussle's name more times than you need to know, but we're pretty sure that will change after tonight when he plays our FADER #61 issue release party, having just hopped on his flight out of LAX. This dude, more than anyone in a decade probably, makes us want to stand on the corner drinking forties and calling people "marks" and shit like that, so we gave him a spot in the issue and are now telling you to get your hands on everything he has released so far, including this new song off the next volume in his Bullets Ain't Got No Name mixtape series, Volume Three, which will be in the streets in May. Stay tuned for video from the party later this week and an extra special FADER TV doc on Hussle coming later this month.

Download: Nipsey Hussle f. June Summers, "My Language"

Posted: April 22, 2009
Freeload: Nipsey Hussle f. June Summers, “My Language”