On the Street: Cherry Blossoms

April 27, 2009

In the Northern Hemisphere—yeah we talk in Hemispheres—ladies are getting mad spring fever, striping off layers and getting fresh with bold colors and lightweight cotton looks. Our online contributor, Elsa Lam, scoped the scene in Seoul for a few spring style cues.

"Here in Seoul as the Spring approaches so does the the short-lived time of cherry blossoms. As an ode to the short-lived pale pink flowers, this observer reflected that in her clothing. She reminded me of a modern day 1950s look; oxford shoes with royal blue socks peeping out. Classic."

"Similar to the Rodeo Drive of LA or 5th Ave of NYC, Apgujeong is known for high fashion and the people associated with it. It was no surprise to see stylish people here. Most male Seoul-ites are donning the "work look" - dark slacks and a dull button-up. There aren't too many colors explored in the male's palette. For that reason I loved that he wore a bright multi-color plaid shirt (from UNIQLO guest designers Opening Cermony) and a royal blue cardigan. Maybe it's because Spring is finally here, but colors are finally blooming from the darkness."

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On The Street
Posted: April 27, 2009
On the Street: Cherry Blossoms