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Video: Carter, “Outta Space” + Mixtape

May 01, 2009

In the increasingly crowded sea of of internet rappers/entrepreneurs/streetwear enthusiasts it's hard to stand out, which is why we were surprised by how much we liked this video from LA-based Houston transplant Carter. Over elastic Gameboy blips, Carter refreshingly does not mention streetwear, zshare or Nahright—not that we dislike those things, we just don't need to hear about how much you like them. Now that we've said that we'll probably wake up tomorrow morning to an email announcing the first of 142 weekly Carter songs. But you know what? He's wearing a jean jacket, so we're not going to stress about it right now.

Download: Carter, The Carter Family Reunion Mixtape

Posted: May 01, 2009
Video: Carter, “Outta Space” + Mixtape