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Eugene McGuinness, “Fonz” MP3

May 08, 2009

For times when Wild Beasts are too opera-aggro, there is their Domino cohort, young Brit Eugene McGuiness. Before we say anything else about "Fonz," it's important to note that it includes the lyrics arranged for the meeting of our crotches. Creative or grody? It's weird that we share a language with you, England, because things seem to stop there. Like why can't our 22-year-olds play peppy rock/pop? Seriously, someone mailed us a watermarked copy of a new American Idol drop out's album today. Ruben Stoddard wasn't enough, America? McGuiness' peppy self-titled album is out late June.

Download: Eugene McGuinness, "Fonz"

Posted: May 08, 2009
Eugene McGuinness, “Fonz” MP3