Freeload: Zarif, “Let Me Back (Rhythm Beater Remix)”

May 08, 2009

It feels like we've been saying this since summer ’07, but drum n bass is overripe for a major rooftop comeback. On the continuum of UK dance music to jam during skyline bbq's we just can't play any more bloghouse, dawgs, sorry. Dubstep is good, but is too glum for enjoying the warmth of summer. Funky is nice, can't really complain when it comes on, but it makes you want to dance too much, spilling drinks. Drum n bass though, you don't even have to be doing anything cool it just makes the party sound like it's going well. Take for instance this Rhythm Beater remix of apparent UK hit "Let Me Back" by Zarif. How happy is this shit? Imagine yourself holding a weiner and swaying in the sun. Somebody give us LTJ Bukem's number! Not for the weiner holding but the drum n bass! Maybe the weiner holding, he might be vegan though!

Download: Zarif, "Let Me Back (Rhythm Beater Remix)"

Bonus: Zarif, "Let Me Back (Toddla T Remix)"

Posted: May 08, 2009
Freeload: Zarif, “Let Me Back (Rhythm Beater Remix)”