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Freeload: Underwater Peoples Records Showcase Compilation

May 13, 2009

We really have no excuse for not posting this sooner, considering our penchant for summer, the beach and generally just blissed out times. But here it is now. You might say we've been spending time with this compilation like it was our friend, going swimming with it, taking it for walks, falling asleep to it... it has all happened. Us and this compilation, we've had our moments—and man there are a lot of them. Whether it's the trebly lo-fi acoustic stuff from Julian Lynch (we know everyone's making music like that right now, but stay with us), or Frat Dad, who could maaaybe split their time between chilling with Vivian Girls on a New Jersey beach and being the brattiest kids ever, all these songs make us want to sit under a tree in the sun and do nothing. Summer of Love is here again! Or maybe not, but find us twirling (also tweeting) in the park on the weekend pretending like it is. Eventually a physical version will exist (pre-order it here for like five bucks) but because we're running with this whole free spirit summertime thing, and because the dudes at Underwater Peoples totally get it, they're giving it away for free right now so we can save our five bucks for some fake acid tabs and a bowl of brown rice with no meat in it.

Download: Underwater Peoples Records Showcase Compilation (via Butter x Face)

Posted: May 13, 2009
Freeload: Underwater Peoples Records Showcase Compilation