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Video/Freeload: Vybz Kartel f. Indu, “Virginity”/”Versatility” MP3

May 14, 2009

Whenever you hear Vybz go Beeeahbee! you know it's gonna be some romance, which this apparent follow-up to the NY-ubiquitous "Ramping Shop" definitely is, but be careful which version you listen to in front of your mom/boss/priest/whatever. Vybz clearly recorded "Versatility" to meet Jamaican radio standards because the title doesn't even make sense, so if you need to know what he really really means, watch the above video of the alternate "Virginity." (video via Smarten Up Nas)

Download: Vybz Kartel f. Indu, "Virginity"

Posted: May 14, 2009
Video/Freeload: Vybz Kartel f. Indu, “Virginity”/”Versatility” MP3