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Video/Freeload: Friend, “Doki” MP3

May 20, 2009

Some other website recently posted about The-Dream being "smarter than we thought" because "The-Dream" is Google friendlier than just "The Dream." Which got us thinking—doesn't the ability to write a ton of amazing songs make you pretty smart? Like did they mean they now believe he is a total genius because he knows how url's work? That actually seem pretty obvious. Regardless, this guy Friend apparently doesn't care about any of that stuff because we can't even search our own site for previous posts we've put about him. However, we're pretty sure he's smart because all of his songs have been really great so far and the video for "Doki" is made of solarized clips from Wong Kar Wai movies, which only super intelligent dorks like. "Doki" is from Friend's new Shima EP, some more of which you can hear on his MySpace.

Download: Friend, "Doki"

Posted: May 20, 2009
Video/Freeload: Friend, “Doki” MP3