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Exclusive Freeload: Esser, “I Love You (Prince Paul RMX)”

May 21, 2009

London's Esser is one of our favorite new dudes. He writes such quirkily lovelorn pop, and he killed at the Levi's/FADER Fort in Austin this year, not to mention he has amazing style (the custom Esser jacket was thee ultiimate jam). One of the best songs off his forthcoming album is entitled "I Love You," which includes the astute line Love is no excuse for bad art. Can we make that an internet meme please? People got to learn. Prince Paul remixed "I Love You" into an even forlorner track we are giving to you as a present, plus download his single "Headlock" and watch the OG "I Love You" video above for a total Esserextravaganza.

Download: Esser, "I Love You (Prince Paul RMX)"

Download: Esser, "Headlock"

Exclusive Freeload: Esser, “I Love You (Prince Paul RMX)”