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Freeload: Aidonia, “Nowadays Girl” MP3

May 22, 2009

Did Aidonia make the dancehall version of "Heartless"? Probably not, because Aidonia claims he doesn't cry over girls while 808's and Heartbreak was basically Kanye crying into our headphones for 40 minutes. They might have some similar relationship issues though. "She fall in love with myspace, facebook, and blackberry," Aidonia sings. What about blogs? Also, when did autotune become this sort of new age relationship therapy? You can't just sing your problems away, dudes. Believe us, we've tried. What we're not mad at, however, is Aidonia howling "Girl are you crazy!?" over and over again.

Download: Aidonia, "Nowadays Girl"

Posted: May 22, 2009
Freeload: Aidonia, “Nowadays Girl” MP3