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Freeload: Young Jeezy, Trappin’ Aint Dead Mixtape

May 26, 2009

Chances are most of you have already downloaded and twittered about every song on here, but on the off chance that hasn't happened, here's the tape. It's a dense one in a way that only Jeezy can pull off. Beats still larger than life, mid-tempo flow, not too many guests. It's like getting punched in the face over and over. Had this come out not too long ago—when everyone was making beats that were supposed to sound like Dracula jamming on a 45,000 foot tall organ—we might have had a hard time getting through it. But then again, it's Jeezy, and no one does larger than life better than him.

Download: Young Jeezy, Trappin' Aint Dead Mixtape

Posted: May 26, 2009
Freeload: Young Jeezy, Trappin’ Aint Dead Mixtape