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More Live Audio From Angola

May 26, 2009

Benjamin Lebrave, of Akwaaba, drops us another note with an update about his trip to Angola (which included the above appearance on national television to discuss the country's music and potential for export. It's all in Portuguese). He also included two new kuduro tracks, the first, "In the Building," by unknown (even in Angola) Gelú-Six. Apparently this track is actually nine minutes long, but he halved it for the time being because he knew we would open this email just before 10AM and that's kind of intense. The second pretty astonishing track, "Suga," is by the much more well known (in Angola) Os Vagabanda. This song sounds like a fight.

Stream: Gelu Six, "In the Building

Stream: Os Vagabanda, "Suga"

More Live Audio From Angola