Style Redux: Hixsept

May 26, 2009

When it comes to a little black spot, French street wear brand Hixsept knows its expandable bounds. After being featured in our March/April issue, Hixsept released their pixelated Le Terrain Vague collection, a more neutral take on those little Lichtenstein dots. The series is an experiment of black and white gradient—just as much wearable as it is an art project—using various sized black dots to make dark, light and medium grey shades on tailored pants and sweaters. The latest version is a fifty percent surface distribution of black dots on a white palette which the boys over at Hixsept describe as "created through a period of sweet sleepless nights and dark long days." Only the French can make grey seem so intriguing. Peep more after the jump.

French streetwear brand Hixsept is abandoning fashion’s traditional seasonal schedule in favor of a more bohemian format. The plan? Only create when inspired. At the nucleus of this new philosophy is Hixsept Journal, a visual diary of Arbet and partner Jérémie Egry’s creative process that’s released with every collection. “We started from the beginning again, doing more things with feeling and made it into a story—a collection of our travels in the north of Europe, movies and books we read, images from the year.” The results are whimsically inky musings held together by the thread of Hixsept’s subtle patchwork sweatshirts and button-downs.

Posted: May 26, 2009
Style Redux: Hixsept