Deconstructing Beezy, Part Three: Drunk Swag vs Pretend Drunk Swag

May 27, 2009

Today brings two examples of why Soulja Boy Tellem gets deconstructed. But first, for context, let's rewind to the video of Soulja Boy making a beat that went up on YouTube in March. In it he demonstrates exactly how easy it is for him to craft megahits in his living room, which is fine, except he doesn't really show us how in the world he came up with "Turn My Swag On." He only taps out some not so good patterns over stuff he has saved on his computer. Fair enough, if you came here and videotaped us trying to write a cover story, it wouldn't be the most compelling or convincing footage either. What we're trying to say is that, like us, maybe Soulja Boy actually needs a little time to create what seems like natural genius.

Which brings us to today's Deconstructing Beezy. Sent to FADER inboxes this morning was a track called "I'm Blowed" off DJ Smallz & DJ Neptune's Southern Smoke TV Vol. 2 (hosted by Yo Gotti) mixtape (download below). We're pretty sure Soulja Boy was wasted when he recorded it. It was, on first listen, not good to painful on the listening pleasure scale. But then it kind of grew on us. Maybe that's because we got drunk at lunch, but maybe not. Only god and the janitor will ever know. What's truly great about "I'm Blowed" is that it actually exists. If we write a story all drunk and cuss out old girlfriends and threaten people in it, another editor will stop the presses. Because Soulja has currency, no one in his right mind is going to not put his track on their tape. And thus, we get "I'm Blowed" in all its mumbling, nonsensical glory. It shows us that while Soulja may not lyrically be Wayne when under the weather, he can still pull memorable out of tune (even when auto-tuned!) hooks out of his brain.

On the other hand, we have the video for "I Got Mojo" (above), off his upcoming Gangsta Grillz mixtape, which appears to be soberly conceived and executed, though it does contain scenes of things we would do only when really trashed like hang out in Times Square and wear a scarf in late spring. And yet it has none of the sloppy energy of "Blowed."

So what can you do? You certainly can make sense out of any of this. You can only sit back and wonder where it comes from.

Download: Soulja Boy "Blowed"

Posted: May 27, 2009
Deconstructing Beezy, Part Three: Drunk Swag vs Pretend Drunk Swag