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Freeload: Lightning Dust, “I Knew” MP3

May 28, 2009

Vancouver, Canada’s very own supergroup/not supergroup Lightning Dust opened for Bonnie “Prince” Billy at the Apollo the other night. Their live band consisted of members of Black Mountain, relatives of people in Black Mountain, this one dog that hangs out on Black Mountain’s porch and also Ryan Peters from Ladyhawk. On record they give off serious Fleetwood Mac vibes, but not in the crazy internal turmoil way, more in the extremely competent and confident way. "I Knew" is the first single from their sophomore album Infinite Light, and it's a perfect example of that without actually going hard on Mac nostalgia. The opening rhythmic pulse sounds rooms away, more minimal techno thump than anything else, before a rolling drum salvo kicks in and Amber Webber’s vocals quaver all over the track. We look forward to the day when they headline the Apollo with all of the over-the-top lights and lasers that should accompany a song like this.

Download: Lightning Dust, "I Knew"

Posted: May 28, 2009
Freeload: Lightning Dust, “I Knew” MP3