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Freeload: Mor Thiam, “Ayo Ayo Nene” MP3

May 29, 2009

From Egon's blog of Madlib's European Tour:

Meanwhile, we got to browse through Gerald’s frighteningly diversified collection and peep the entire Mor Thiam album alongside Mehr Pooya’s Iranian album – including his 10 minute cover of Dennis Coffey’s “Scorpio.” Madlib ended up with one of his most wanted albums – Stefano Torrossi’s “Feelings,” and I ended up in the same place I was last year – with the Mor Thiam album on hold, and not a trade closer to getting Akon’s dad’s debut in my greedy palms.

While it is mindboggling to imagine how rare and expensive Madlib or Egon's most wanted records actually are, they were kind enough to post up this classic song by Papa Thiam from the brand new and totally excellent Spiritual Jazz: Esoteric, Modal and Deep Jazz from the Undergound, 1968-77. We highly recommend this comp for those times when officemates/roommates/random grumps are wild salty. Dilute the salt with powerful positive vibery!

Download: Mor Thiam, "Ayo Ayo Nene" (via GvsB)

Freeload: Mor Thiam, “Ayo Ayo Nene” MP3