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Freeload: Cave Singers, “Beach House” MP3

June 01, 2009

Does it make sense to say that a voice doesn't sound modern? People probably had voices that sounded all kinds of ways before we heard them, before recordings and telephones. If we can imagine aliens that speak English and dinosaurs that roar like tigers, we can probably muster up the argument that people from the 1700s sounded not too different than people from now. But, if you could date people by the ancientness of their voice—like counting rings from the trees—then The Cave Singers would be, we're guessing, six to seven hundred years old. Imagine the court jester has a kid who is a rebel. He likes the idea of entertainment, wants to follow in his father's footsteps, but isn't so enshrined to the idea of servitude. So he hangs out at home, builds instruments from reeds and moss, sings alone or to a passing crowd of mildly piqued gathers. He wants to preserve his voice, sings into a hole and covers it with leaves, hoping it will emerge fresh for the future. That's Cave Singers new album, Welcome Joy basically. Or not, it's just some people from the northwest.

Download: Cave Singers, "Beach House"

Posted: June 01, 2009
Freeload: Cave Singers, “Beach House” MP3