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Freeload: O’Spada, “Time”

June 02, 2009

God we are falling all over ourselves with this synth-glossy funk right now. Was this track made in 1984? Did we just discover it as an unmarked white label mixed in with our tio's old freestyle vinyl collection? And when we ask him about it, will he be like, "Oh yeah, that's my old friend's single! She had this one club hit and that was all. She's still kicking around the neighborhood."? No! This song is by this Swedish band our Tio has never even heard of. This is the only single they have so far and it's killer. We have a rollerdisco date soon, we need more, Swedes!

Download: O'Spada, "Time"

Posted: June 02, 2009
Freeload: O’Spada, “Time”