Freeload: Little Girls, “Tambourine” + “Youth Tunes” MP3

June 03, 2009

Turns out that playing lo-fi goth jams at 33rpm when they're meant to be played at 45 is the most depressing experience ever, as we discovered when we bought (yes, bought—Mexican Summer holler at us!) the super limited Little Girls 12-inch and forgot to flip the switch. We put it on the hi-fi and wondered, Why is this such a sludgy downer? And then we sat in a chair, sun streaking through the window, and pondered existence. Eventually spirit guide told us to speed things up and REVELATION! This whole new wave of Joy Division-y home recordings sound as exuberant as "My Girls." Anyway, Little Girls. We're not going to throw proclamations around like best new band since Blank Dogs because A) what does that even mean? and B) it's more fun to let a band figure out what exactly it is that they are doing before declaring them anything. But these are jams—check them out, and if you're down, envelop yourself in the Little Girls explosion, which includes the aforementioned 12-inch on Mexican Summer, an EP on Paper Bag Digital (of which these songs are from), and a 7-inch on Captured Tracks. That's like a whole album's worth of music.

Download: Little Girls, "Tambourine"

Download: Little Girls, "Youth Tunes"

Posted: June 03, 2009
Freeload: Little Girls, “Tambourine” + “Youth Tunes” MP3