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Freeload: Lee Fields, “Ladies” MP3

June 04, 2009

For the first time in a long time, we recently heard Donny Hathaway. It was at a fancy concert, waiting for the headliners, and we couldn't place the music piped in. We knew some preppy dude was singing along with his arm around his girlfriend, looking like he didn't have a choice, ventriloquist lips. Longtime soul singer Lee Fields has that same gentle push of soul music: He makes you miss it when it's gone and cherish it when it's around. And then you fuck up and forget about it and just listen to Jim Jones and Neutral Milk Hotel for months on end until something reminds you. Well, this is your reminder. Fields' new album, My World, was released this past Tuesday, and his summer tribute to women, "Ladies," is from the record. They could be from 1975 and we would not know the difference, which is probably a good thing.

Download: Lee Fields, "Ladies"

Posted: June 04, 2009
Freeload: Lee Fields, “Ladies” MP3