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Freeload: Gucci Mane, “Wonderful” MP3

June 08, 2009

Leave it to Gucci to take a beat that sounds like being lost in the woods after dark and use it make himself sound like the king of the universe. And if there's any truth to the rumors of his live show money, it's hard to imagine him making any music outside of talking about how great it is to be alive. Luckily for us, newfound riches haven't affected his uncanny ability to basket weave his verses. If it wasn't for my Jacob/looking like a sliced tomato/fuck a hater, I blew acres/of Jamaica in Decatur.

Download: Gucci Mane, "Wonderful" (via Dirty Glove Bastard)

Posted: June 08, 2009
Freeload: Gucci Mane, “Wonderful” MP3