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Freeload: Beach Fossils, “Vacation” + “Daydream” MP3

June 09, 2009

We woke up this morning to epic building-shaking thunder cracks and lightning. Two reactions are possible here: We can either go on and on about the beauty of unbridled nature blah blah or we can talk about how weak it is to get woken up from a pretty decent sleep. Beach Fossils—the next in a line of dudes making music about the sun and/or the beach—seems caught between the two. Got to get out of town he sings on "Vacation." Later he talks about leaving the city behind. Nothing new. But his voice sounds like it's submerged in liquid, like when you're dozing on a raft in the ocean and your ears are dunked halfway underwater but you're still watching life play out up above.

Download: Beach Fossils, "Vacation"

Download: Beach Fossils, "Daydream" (via Chocolate Bobka)

Posted: June 09, 2009
Freeload: Beach Fossils, “Vacation” + “Daydream” MP3