Freeload: Kyle Hall Fact Mix

June 09, 2009

Certain friends with long ears to the Motor City streets have been bugging us about 1991-born (lord) Kyle Hall, the youth future of soulful Detroit techno. Check out a bit of "I Love Dr Girlfriend" on his MySpace page for a touch of the two-step love buzz. We're getting instrumental electro R Kelly vibes. We heard Hall will be in New York for the Sunday Best series at Brooklyn Yard and marked our iCal for July 12th. For a preview of what he'll be playing, we just checked this Fact magazine mix he made that does not avoid rhythm changes, vibes, R&B and anything with a "I Can't Get No Sleep" feeling. We were going to say "Eat it Martinez Brothers!" but then we saw that he ups them (and Gang Gang Dance) in his interview. Good to see kids playing nice. Track list is after the jump.

Download: Kyle Hall Fact mix

1. Ratio - Centralized (Substance Rework) [Central]

2. Stephen Brown - Sustain [Affected Music]

3. Duplex - Vivid Array [Frantic Flowers]

4. Mr.V - Circle Track [Sole Channel]

5. Brown Study - Cereal Numbing [Unknown]

6. Murr - Watching You [Public Transit]

7. Omar-S - Strider's World [FXHE]

8. Filsonik - LuvHolik [Unknown]

9. Mike Clark - Natalie Lacosta [White Label]

10. Omar-S - Oasis #11 [FXHE]

11. Ibex - Bok Choy [Planet E]

12. DJ Rhythm - Rhythms Groove [Unknown]

13. Kai Alce - M-7 [Mahogani Music]

14. 3chairs - Misty City [Three Chairs]

15. Lazy Fat People - Pixel Girl [PlanetE]

16. The Rurals - Sorry [Peng]

17. Kyle Hall - I
18. Andres - A3 Untitled (from Andres II) [White label]

Posted: June 09, 2009
Freeload: Kyle Hall Fact Mix