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Freeload: T-Pain + Tha Bizness = T-Wizness

June 10, 2009

Just when we thought we were getting closer to that T-Wayne album we've so openly lusted after, Mr. Big Ass Chain seems to have shifted his collaborative attention to working with one of our newest production obsessions, Tha Bizness. The duo inspired Pain to revisit the days before he turnt sanga on "Special Guest," which is somehow no less the serenade for Pain's rapping. "It's So Easy" features Sophia Fresh (actually a group of three) and finds Pain using some type of pocket autotune that doesn't equalize his voice so much as bend it into teenage gnome territory.

Download: T-Pain, "Special Guest"

Download: T-Pain f. Sophia Fresh, "It's So Easy"

Freeload: T-Pain + Tha Bizness = T-Wizness