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Audio Premiere: Farmer Dave Scher, “Bab’lone Nights”

June 11, 2009

When it comes to unsung heroes in FADER world, few are more heroic than Farmer Dave Scher. His discography includes production or instrumentation on records from our favorites Jenny Lewis, Dios and Vietnam (not even on discogs.com! Someone update that). He was also a member of the loved-in-some-circles Beachwood Sparks and All Night Radio, and wrote a Vinyl Archeology on the steel guitar in FADER #45 that included a mix that was passed around the office like cupcakes. Now he's finally bringing the heat with a solo record full of innovative folk jams, beachside dub psych and weird electronic flourishes. Check out first track "Bab'lone Nights" below. It sounds like Scher's been listening to a lot of Springsteen until you catch the swirling synth buzzing underneath and realize he might have been listening to a bunch of Suicide as well. Look out for a Farmer Dave 7-inch on Mexican Summer July 1st, to be followed by full LP Flash Forward to Good Times, out August 18th on Kemado.

Farmer Dave Scher, "Bab'lone Nights

Posted: June 11, 2009
Audio Premiere: Farmer Dave Scher, “Bab’lone Nights”