FADER TV: Shop Talk at Ale et Ange

June 11, 2009

If every store in the world looked and felt like Ale et Ange, we would probably spend our entire lives lounging around boutiques, sipping on Pimms cups in between trying on high-waisted shorts and pocket tees. The newly opened store sits just below ground level on the LES/Chinatown border and is literally the little stylee wonderland of our dreams. We spoke to co-owner Osoré Oyagha about transforming the space (it used to be a scuzzy basement office) and his taste for classic, impeccably made pieces that he and his partner Eloise Simonet have designed for the store—like gorgeous polka dot mini skirts, men's button downs and spiffy ties. There's even a special Ale et Ange toothbrush in the works!

Ale et Ange

37C Orchard Street, near Hester

New York


Posted: June 11, 2009
FADER TV: Shop Talk at Ale et Ange