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Freeload: J. Cole, “Heartache” + The Come Up Mixtape

June 11, 2009

J. Cole is a rapper from North Carolina, but is a world away from the last dude who had the state on his shoulders. He released The Come Up mixtape in late 2007 to little to no fanfare, which considering how good it is and the fact that he produced about half of it, could've frustrated a lesser artist to quit music altogether. Fortunately for Jay-Z's Roc Nation label, Cole forged on, and signed a deal as their first artist earlier this year. Now about to release The Warm Up mixtape as a reintroduction of sorts, grab "Heartache," the first look from The Warm Up below as well as the entire Come Up. After the jump, check out the video he shot last summer for "Simba" directed by BBGun.

Download: J. Cole, "Heartache"
Download: J. Cole, The Come Up mixtape

Posted: June 11, 2009
Freeload: J. Cole, “Heartache” + The Come Up Mixtape