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Deconstructing Beezy, Part Four: Soulja Boy’s Gangsta Grillz - The Twitter Edition

June 12, 2009

The other day a FADER editor vehemently opposed to Twitter actually tweeted something on the FADER Twitter on his own accord, and it was not about how ridiculous Twitter is, though he continues to say that loudly and unprovoked around the office. This thawing occured mainly because he'd witnessed something that he wanted to tell everyone about yet wasn't really bloggable. And so, sort of like how a family lost in the wilderness will eventually eat their fattest child, Twitter became a valuable asset.

Which leads us to the newest Gangsta Grillz with Soulja Boy and DJ Drama, subtitled The Twitter Edition because they want you to follow them, on which Drama yells the word "Twitter" more frequently than Soulja Boy says "Soulja Boy." It's a problem. And yet, like Twitter, the idea of Soulja Boy continues to fascinate us, both for his failures and successes. There are at least 10 songs on this mixtape that make us cringe at Beezy's lyrical inability, most notably "Get Em Got Em" and "Bands" with Gucci Mane because Gucci truly transcends most people's assumptions of Southern rappers not "crafting bars" or whatever, while Beezy isn't even worried about people's assumptions. Both are admirable for their approach: Gucci for the same reasons everyone respects Jay, Wayne et al, Soulja Boy for his natural ability to rap and sing in a way so easily hateable yet impossible to hate. Second to second you find yourself laughing at how ridiculous it is, then singing along before the song is over. That is a skill.

Download: Soulja Boy Gangsta Grillz: Follow Me Edition (via Dat Piff)

Deconstructing Beezy, Part Four: Soulja Boy’s Gangsta Grillz - The Twitter Edition