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Freeload: Explode into Colors, “Paper (Hot Sax Version)” + “Wooden Ghost (Live)”

June 18, 2009

Explode into Colors is not the apocalypse of glee their name might imply. Instead, they're an eerie sort of dance band, cowbell-y instrumentals and long pony jams dug deep in '70s Ethiopiques, spooky dubwise echoes and low-end guitar stabbing. (It's a stabbing motion, though, not actual stabbing, this music will not kill you, it will make you stronger.) They release a lot of stuff on cassette, but their forthcoming project is a run of three simultaneously dropped, collectible 7-inch records on Kill Rock Stars, Milady and Just for the Hell of It records.

Download: Explode into Colors, "Paper (Hot Sax Version)"

Download: Explode into Colors, "Wooden Ghost (Live)"

Freeload: Explode into Colors, “Paper (Hot Sax Version)” + “Wooden Ghost (Live)”