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Premiere Freeload: Cale Parks, “One at a Time” MP3

June 18, 2009

Cale Parks, current Passion Pit and future Lemonade touring partner and drummer for Aloha and White Williams, has a new EP called To Swift Mars coming soon, from which "One at a Time" is taken. The first time we saw Parks perform was in a square room, him in the middle on the floor and video projections on all walls. He was on his knees, long limbs smacking a cymbal and a bunch of other junk, singing when he could, making a good mess. "One at a Time" is slightly more coherent—especially with the added help of a killer bassline—but has the same fleeting, spur-of-the-moment pop glimmer the performance did. The handclaps, the lofi snare, the waterdrop cowbells. Parks has a thing for layers but he knows how to avoid mush in favor of the feisty jumbled pop of a one man band.

Download: Cale Parks, "One at a Time"

Posted: June 18, 2009
Premiere Freeload: Cale Parks, “One at a Time” MP3