Alexi Wasser is Completely, Totally Boy Crazy

June 19, 2009

Before we get completely obsessed with telling you all about our summer music issue we want to make sure you got thorough with all of our David Byrne issue, which actually included some non-Byrne content. Maybe the pole furthest on the compass was our interview with Alexi Wasser, who runs the magical blog I'm Boy Crazy, where she writes lots and lots about her love of dudes. But, in many ways, that outward dude love and all of its pitfalls to consummation is really just the world's weird mirror back on ourselves. Wasser bemoans the inevitable crappiness of romance and endless disappointments while always praising the meaty self-discovery on the journey. The above advertisement for herself should give you a taste of her. For more, check Matthew Schnipper's Q+A from F61 after the jump.

Alexi Wasser is super into dudes and loves her girlfriends. So in her spare time the LA-based actress started a blog,, where she writes post-post-post-feminist advice and explicit anecdotal rants, all awkwardly compelling because of her complete lack of shyness. But she’s not brash, just open. She’s also expanded the site outside of her own mind garden, tapping into men’s brains with video interviews—where she mostly asks them about herself. She spoke to us from her Prius, parked on the side of the road.

Did you envision being written as you would speak to a close friend?

This is actually the way I speak to everybody. My favorite things to talk to my girlfriends about are: Who are you in love with? Are you following your dreams? Are you happy with your life? How can we rework your life into making it the best life—not working some dead end job—and doing something that you actually love that will bring you money and make you happy at the same time? And boys. I just love boys, I think they’re so cute.

Some of your early blog entries were lists like, “Go get your toes done and make sure you take care of yourself, you deserve to feel good and feel that you look nice.” Do you think not enough women reassure each other?

No I don’t. I was given a little bit of shit from one girl who calls herself a riot girl and some other girls who think that they have to stay away from my blog because they think that the point of my blog is catering to men. Girls are reading my blog and they’re thinking that I’m saying, “Listen to what this guy says and do what they want us to do.” And that’s not the point at all. It’s all just entertaining. I have my own problems. I’m not an expert. I’ve gone through a lot of shit. So I’m honest and raw in talking about all my uncomfortable, really fucked up, bizarre sexual experiences and emotional experiences, about not liking my body and all this stuff, and feeling like I can’t say no and that I have to do whatever a guy says. If I’m super honest about this stuff other people will read it, other girls, and they’ll take something from it and say, “Oh, okay, other people have gone through it,” and it’s okay to say no and it’s okay to laugh at all these uncomfortable situations that young girls find themselves in. If I’m not going to be really gnarly then there’s no point to me doing this.

You frequently mention APC and American Apparel on your blog. Are girls looking for a dude who puts himself in a uniform of those brands? Is it that simple?

Maybe. But the better part is that I think it’s a turnoff if a girl has to tell a guy what to wear. Wait, what are you wearing right now?


How tall are you?

I’m 5’4”.

You’re only 5’4”?! God, I’m so tall. It’s such a problem. I’m 5’11”.

It’s a problem?

It’s not a problem, but I just love boys and I used to go out with guys who were shorter than me all the time. And I never realized, maybe, that it might be weird until people would be like, “You’re great. You look so tall. You’re a freak!”
And I’d be like, “Leave me alone!” It isn’t my problem. Maybe those people were jealous. They’re haters. Do you have a girlfriend?


Did you just get out of a relationship?


Okay, this is about me. You ask me questions! Keep going.

Since you’ve been doing the blog do you think differently about relationships?

It’s kind of making me less excited about dudes. Sometimes I post all those things about guys and what they like and don’t like and after an interview I’m like, “Okay. Great. You like this about a girl. Next. Okay, I’m done. Goodbye.” I don’t even want to make out with them anymore.

Posted: June 19, 2009
Alexi Wasser is Completely, Totally Boy Crazy