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MIAMI: It Was Written Tour with Johan Hugo (Radioclit) & Terry Lynn Tonight

June 24, 2009

Johan Hugo of FADER all-time faves Radioclit and Terry Lynn are in the thick of a whirlwind six cities in six days tour in support of their It Was Written EP for Red Stripe. It kicked off last night in DC and continues tonight in Miami before heading to Chicago, Austin, LA and New York City. We've got the tour dates and RSVPs for each after the jump along with a behind-the-scenes video, and you can still download the EP at thefader.com/redstripe.

Red Stripe: It Was Written Tour

+ Wednesday, June 24th - Miami @ Awarehouse

- RSVP: http://www.thefader.com/pages/show/miami-red-stripe-it-was-written-tour

+ Thursday, June 25th - Chicago @ Q4

- RSVP: http://www.thefader.com/pages/show/chicago-red-stripe-it-was-written-tour

+ Friday, June 26th - Austin @ The Independent

- RSVP: http://www.thefader.com/pages/show/austin-red-stripe-it-was-written-tour

+ Saturday, June 27th - LA @ Loft Seven

- RSVP: http://www.thefader.com/pages/show/la-red-stripe-it-was-written-tour

+ Tuesday, June 30th - NYC @ 38 Howard

- RSVP: http://www.thefader.com/pages/show/nyc-red-stripe-it-was-written-tour

Posted: June 24, 2009
MIAMI: It Was Written Tour with Johan Hugo (Radioclit) & Terry Lynn Tonight