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Freeload: JJ, “From Africa to Malaga” MP3

June 25, 2009

Is everything about this song perfect? The mysterious JJ's angelic voice. The patter of drums, steel, conga and otherwise. The melancholy lyrics. The most artfully sanguine artwork since Yoko Ono's Season of Glass. It is on the same label as former FADER cover stars Tough Alliance. Basically the only bummer is that when this song ends in our iTunes, it alphabetically goes into "We Own" by KES, a soca song we love but it is totally jarring, like napping on a goose feather pillow, then getting splashed in the face with iced coffee. We're awake!

Go to Sincerely Yours to download and offer up some cash if you think it's worth it, we suggest the $12-73 price range for this one song (we would say a billion but it's a recession). (Via Acephale Records Twitter [we know.])

Posted: June 25, 2009
Freeload: JJ, “From Africa to Malaga” MP3