Freeload: Norse Horse, “Swamp Trotter” + “Sleepers” + “Gangplank Galleon” MP3s

June 26, 2009

In our latest issue, Dee Dee bka Dum Dum Girls went on an epic California road trip to hang out with a bunch of like-minded bands. On her way down from San Francisco to San Diego to meet up with Wavves, she visited with the dudes of Family Time Records, who have crafted their own incestuous (in a good way) mini-scene. You can hear a bunch of those bands on our latest issue podcast, but one band you can't hear is Norse Horse, who will be releasing a CD-R on Family Time and whose music we still haven't quite pinned down. There's the sweaty stomp of "Swamp Trotter," and the kid's birthday party sugar rush of "Sleepers," but then there's also "Gangplank Galleon," a comedown track with intricately woven guitars and what sounds like field recordings of birds.

Download: Norse Horse, "Needle Beach"

Download: Norse Horse, "Sleepers"

Download: Norse Horse, "Gangplank Galleon" (all three via No Pain in Pop)

Posted: June 26, 2009
Freeload: Norse Horse, “Swamp Trotter” + “Sleepers” + “Gangplank Galleon” MP3s