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Freeload: Money Addict, “Yean Gone Like That” MP3

June 29, 2009

If Huntsville is the melting pot of rap, the place where minor trance radio hits intersect with Outkast and Weezer and whatever else the Block Beataz feel like incorporating into their productions, then Money Addict is the gruff voiced mixing spoon, stirring things up and never allowing the beat to settle under the weight of his ominous voice. Compared to a lot of dudes in the Huntsville scene, he's been relatively quiet since our story on the Paper Route crew in FADER 51, releasing a mixtape and a couple dark and creepy songs that are depressing enough that the only time we can really fuck with them is on headphones. He's back with "Yean Gone Like That," another song that follows this same formula. When we were hanging out in Alabama he told us that he wasn't that deep into rapping. Based on this and also this, we'd have to disagree.

Download: Money Addict, "Yean Gone Like That"

Posted: June 29, 2009
Freeload: Money Addict, “Yean Gone Like That” MP3