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Jason Nocito’s Apartamento Vacation

Photographer Jason Nocito
July 06, 2009

If you're lucky, when you hit the homepage of frequent FADER photographer Jason Nocito, you'll see a photo of a chalkboard with "I Like cheese" and a block of Swiss scrawled on it. That just about sums up our feelings every time we see Nocito or his photos (not the cheese, the liking stuff). In the newest issue of Barcelona-based "everyday life interiors magazine," Apartamento, our affections are once again kindled by Nocito's particular visions of the world, in this case, Mumbai while on assignment. The issue will set Americans back 25 dollars, but for that price you get to find out how the lead singer of Vampire Weekend lives and what to expect when you send your toddler to A.P.C.'s new daycare in Paris, and all with but a few admittedly somewhat hilarious Euro advertisements. Find the few remaining copies of Apartamento #3 in your finer bookstores and watch for #4 in October.

Posted: July 06, 2009
Jason Nocito’s Apartamento Vacation