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Sabrina Dehoff’s Naturesque Collection

July 08, 2009

It's been about a week since German designer Sabrina Dehoff showed her spring 2010 at Berlin fashion week. Though, truth be told, we're still hooked on this season's offering, a collection which happens to be Dehoff's first foray into the land of dressmaking after a long run of making the loveliest jewels. We shot this dress from her Naturesque collection upstate New York on a frosty day in the dead of winter, when the thought of actually wearing it just seemed completely absurd. Now that warm and almost balmy nights are finally upon us, it's a good time to give the collection a second peek and take a closer look at the floral photo prints she snapped out in rolling German meadows. Read Erin Hansen's story on Dehoff from issue # 61 after the jump and see our picks from the collection.

In high school Sabrina DeHoff was that chick who always showed up to class in a triumphantly crazy getup. Most kids would have been ripped to shreds, but the jewelry designer-turned-clothier never had a problem with being bold. “I would sew myself the same style of trouser twenty times in a new print everyday. I think I looked a bit weird,” she says. It’s that confident taste for color and print that led DeHoff to extend her jewelry collection with a series of “hop” dresses—pieces she says you can dance or hop around in— for spring 2009. On a quest to reconnect with nature and build a garden outside her home in Berlin, the German designer became transfixed images of flowery fields. The result is a collection of diaphanous dresses in bold yellows, blues and what she calls the “flower hue,” a collaged pattern of over 200 nature images printed on silk crepe de chine. “I just wanted to make dresses that are easy…they should give this kind of liberating and free feeling,” she says. All we need now are barefoot days in summer meadows.

Posted: July 08, 2009
Sabrina Dehoff’s Naturesque Collection