Dintun, “Ena” MP3

July 09, 2009

At first this Dintun track sounds like someone tossing a bunch of rubber balls around a tiny square room, with lots of cool sounds but no discernable rhythm or direction. But then, as if by magic, everything starts to quantize itself, and the helium-filled beats and synths fall together into a stuttering, future-minimal 4/4 pattern, catching the high-hat in the ass on the downstroke. The Argentina-based producer has a few gigs lined up this weekend, if you happen to be in Buenos Aires or San Carlos de Bariloche, but if you don't you can sit around and wait for his Elwood EP to drop.

Annnd as a bonus, also download a gulpy dance track by young Nuevo Leon-based producer/DJ Spin Laden (or "Mexdubs" due to his physical and sartorial similarity to FADER familia Nicholas P. Catchdubs).

Download: Dintun, "Ena" (via Mugre)

Download: Spin Laden, "Cocoman" (via Generation Bass)

Dintun, “Ena” MP3