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DJ Cliffy, “Black Rio 2 Promo Mix” MP3

July 09, 2009

Look, we know how much we talk about the weather on this site, but what can we say, we're trapped in big-windowed offices and it is perfect outside. And when it's not perfect outside, we put on music like Black Rio 2 and think about where it is perfect outside. DJ Cliffy, who curated the compilation of "Samba Soul" from 1968 to 1981, just made a mix of songs from it and you get the feeling these Brazilian a-holes never even think twice about the forecast, just how narrow their buttfloss is going to be that day or, like, which of their girlfriends is the most supermodelish. Jerks. Regardless, we appreciate their ability to translate that to music for the rest of us.

Download: DJ Cliffy, "Black Rio 2 Promo Mix" (zshare) (mediafire)

Posted: July 09, 2009
DJ Cliffy, “Black Rio 2 Promo Mix” MP3