Hipi Duki Muzik, “Soundamerica v. 3” MP3

July 15, 2009

You're probably wondering what's popping with the South Americans these days, and Hipi Duki is offering some of the answer: lithe cumbias, technorati baile funk, humid minimalism, digital chatter mimicking street noise, overdriven synth licks, Zizek blends and, as ever, Mala Rodriguez. With the third installment of their Soundamerica mixes, the Barcelonan art/music collective whipped up a sweet mix of heat and dropped it on one of our favorite blogs, Generation Bass., to sonically soundtrack the palm trees you're chilling under, you with your frothy caipirinha and all. Tracklist after the jump.

Download: Hipi Duki Muzik, "Soundamerica v. 3"

1-Ya llego (Repiola)

2-Meneito (Mambotur)

3-El tren/Mr.Cumbiaman feat. Blanquito Man (Celso Piña)

4- Mexico caliente (Bloodshake)

5-Whyno_A.Blickmann rmx (Mika Martini)

6-Cumbia Maligna feat.Mala Rodriguez (The Peronists)

7-La danza del hombre churrumay_extended mix (Black Mandingo)

8-La poli (Daleduro feat.Luisao)

9-Deixa o tamborzao tocar (Zuzuka Poderosa feat. Dj.Gus)

10-Okupa (Meneo)

11-Fauna“Las mil caras” vs Doma Tornados “Cardoi”(Doma Tornados)

Hipi Duki Muzik, “Soundamerica v. 3” MP3