The Capsule Tradeshow: Pick of the Best

July 22, 2009

The Capsule tradeshow in New York expanded to five floors of fashion this season, with the Oak showroom perched up in the rafters. It took us an entire afternoon to work through all the awesome menswear and here is a smattering of what we're penciling in for next spring.

1. Yuketen boat shoes (above)
Yuketen are known for their sturdy US-produced boots which are virtually unkillable. The shoes they are doing for next spring are a little softer and more moccasinesque than regualr boat shoes, but just as artisanal as the footwear they make for the snow.

2. Lova shirt— Lova are based in LA, and the casual Cali vibes are all in the stripes. Notice the way those stripes line up so nicely on the collar.

3. April 77 waxed cotton overcoat and denim jacket
Pretty much everything from the French label is great this season. The layer-upon-layer effect in this spring '10 outfit is a styling tip we might need to put in to practice sooner.

4. Norsea Industries duffel bags
There are some really great prints and fabrications in the Norsea collection for spring, including some two-tone blue and white floral shirts that really hit the mark. The autumnal colors on these bags are are a nice compliment to that crisper seaside palette.

5. Veronique Branquinho for Camper
Sadly, fashion legend Veronique Branuinho was forced to shut down after 11 years in the game due the global recession. These Moroccan-inspired oxfords she designed for Camper (fold them up, fold them down) are a reminder of her genius.

The Capsule Tradeshow: Pick of the Best