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Warriors of Radness

July 24, 2009

When we first came across Warriors of Radness we knew we'd entered into some sort of symbiotic relationship with our late-eighties surf brethren and their bleached stringy locks. The brand's style revisits the beachbummie days of neon flare and faded pastels while modernizing the shape and updating the look with more beach-to-street garbs. We spoke with them back in our Spring Style issue, but since the hazy days of summer are in full effect and a continuous stream of beach trips is on the horizon, we reconnected with the brand to see what summer looks they're plugging now. They didn't disappoint and we're definitely pining for those loose tanks in every faded color of the rainbow. Peep more looks and Eric Ducker's story from FADER 60 after the jump.

Aside from swim trunks and wetsuits, basically all surf clothing is lifestyle clothing, but what’s surprisingly radical about Malibu’s Warriors of Radness is that they make clothes with surfers’ actual lifestyle in mind. Created by longboarding brothers Trace and Chad Marshall with Freshjive founder Rick Klotz, WOR’s electric patterned shorts graze the top of knee and their teal crewneck sweatshirt is the perfect protection against early evening Pacific breezes. “It’s a casual existence, therefore it’s very casual, comfortable garments we’re trying to make,” explains Klotz. And though the line is definitely surfer friendly, it is by no means surfer exclusive. “Our thing is ‘anti-local.’ Man, fuck locals,” says Klotz. “They’re usually a bunch of fucking narrow minded apes who think they own a particular beach. The only people that should have territorial rights to the beaches are the Indians, and unfortunately most of them were slaughtered by the white man.”

Posted: July 24, 2009
Warriors of Radness