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Stream: Tower T & JT Royal, “Funky Swing”

July 27, 2009

Every other song on their respective MySpaces suggests JT Royal and Tower T are extremely recent converts to the UK funky movement from fairly pedestrian UK hip hop. Luckily, funky is still pretty new to everyone outside of the UK and only a couple hundred people have bothered to listen any of said old songs, so the fact that the duo have just co-created one of the most insane funky songs we've heard can now be how they are known to the world. If you like crazy bass, whistles and bongos and guys saying "bongo" a lot, this might be your favorite song of all time. And as they've promised, a video and dance are on the way and sure to be as awesome looking as the above photo of Tower T.

Stream: Tower T & JT Royal, "Funky Swing" (via Heatwave)

Posted: July 27, 2009
Stream: Tower T & JT Royal, “Funky Swing”