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Benga + Roska’s Rinse FM 15th Anniversary Jams

July 30, 2009

Rinse FM, the legendary East London radio station, turns 15 tomorrow, and they're celebrating by having a major party, which is unfortunately sold out. But if you do not live in London, or slept on getting your ticket to their party, they're handing out free cupcakes in the form of exclusive, previously unreleased MP3s: an intensely trippy bass mindspiral courtesy Benga, and some provocative street-holler funk by Roska. Try to listen to them without being really sad that you're not going to the epic Rinse soirée featuring basically everyone who is awesome. Sigh, happy birthday dudes, we'll be dreaming of you.

Download: Benga, "Why is Everything Mono?"

Download: Roska, "Hey Cutie"

Benga + Roska’s Rinse FM 15th Anniversary Jams