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JBX, Thanks For Waiting Mixtape

July 30, 2009

In the sea of DJ nights where dudes get super amped because they can hear every genre of music that ever existed all at once, it's nice to get some focus. Not that we're against the everything-in-one-night concept, considering that's kinda the steez of our entire magazine, but it's cool when someone decide to go deep on one specific strain. There's a labor of love that comes with that kind of deep nerdery and we respect it. Owner of Big City Records Jared Boxx aka JBX's new mix Thanks for Waiting is filled with independent soul records from all over the map—many (basically all) of which we are completely unfamiliar with. Apparently a tracklist is coming soon, which will be good for those of us that want to start namedropping these artists like we've been listening to them since before we were born.

Download: JBX's Thanks for Waiting Mixtape (via Secret Rendesvous)

Posted: July 30, 2009
JBX, Thanks For Waiting Mixtape