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Stream: Get Back Guinozzi, “Low Files Tropical” + “Police & Thieves” MP3

Photographer Jean Luc-Charles
August 04, 2009

This whole song sounds like two birds chilling on wires being swayed in the ocean breeeze, singer Eglantine Gouzy's doubled vocals chirping back and forth while the loose bass swings and guitars shape themselves into puffy bunnies and weird foods overhead. Based part-time in the south of France, it's easy to see Get Back Guinozzi being the score to some new Hulot, everything so easy with the leisure it has to be righted by birth, smelling of four hour lunches and sweet white wine. Screw these people! Actually, love them because they give you something to think about when you're locked in your cube after dark doing whatever you need to do. The "Low Files Tropical" single (b-side an absurd cover of Junior Murvin's "Police & Thieves") will be out in mid-September on Fat Cat and the full-length Carpet Madness on October 19th.

Get Back Guinozzi, "Low Files Tropical"

Download: Get Back Guinozzi, "Police & Thieves" (requires email registration)

Stream: Get Back Guinozzi, “Low Files Tropical” + “Police & Thieves” MP3