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Renaissance Man Mix for Sixpack MP3

August 05, 2009

Back in June, we posted the song "What Is Guru" by Finland's Renaissance Man and celebrated its wonky take on regular rhythm. The new mix they've made for French clothing line Sixpack (shout to Upnorth) grows this lopsided trend, like one gear of the tape machine melted and the other is working double time. All of the percussion is made of rubber balls and xylophones for two-year-olds and there are a number of bleating moments that sound extremely, happily flatulent. If there was a club in New York that played this we would go every night. No that is a lie we would never go because it would probably be scary. Full tracklist—including the wild Riva Starr mix of "What is Guru" and some track that samples the Bilal hook from "Nightmares" and Roberto De Simone aka Schnipper's dream music—is after the jump.

Download: Renaissance Man Mix for Sixpack (via Curb Crawlers)

Felix Da Housecat & DJ Gregory: Kickdrum Soundclash (Renaissance Man Bootcut) - CDR
James Braun & Dan M: Lesson 1 - Mothership
Rene Bourgeois: 4 My Recordz - Supdup
Christian Martin: Balance And Ridum - Cadang
Sissy Nobby: Lay Me Down (Renaissance Man Remix) - Mixpak Records
Kolombo: LOL (Kolombo Remix) - Hypnotic Music
Style Of Eye: Retur 2 (Rythym Version) - CDR
Blind Minded: Tekatek - Trapez
Green Velvet: It’s Time 2 Jack - Cajual
Manna: Some Girls / Some Boys (Downtown Remix) - Suomen Musiikki
Renaissance Man: What Is Guru (Riva Starr Remix) - Sound Pellegrino
Jesse Rose: Heavy Still (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) - CDR
Renaissance Man: Canto Della Kalimba Bootcut - CDR
Erich Lesovsky: Riot Beatz - Stil Vor Talent
Derrick Carter: Friends - The 1:00 Club - Classic Recordings

Renaissance Man Mix for Sixpack MP3