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Aidonia Wants To Be On The Radio (In America)

August 06, 2009

These two recently released Aidonia songs aren't for warring or even for daggering (which isn't altogether not warring), but for love and maybe for proving he can ride a pseudo techno riddim. "Summer Girl," which features a Chris Martin that sounds more like Chris Brown than the Chris Martin we've been missing all these years is way more Angie Martinez than Bobby Konders and Jabba, and a Black Eyed Peas refix seasoned with Donia's road runner chat is still a Black Eyed Peas refix. Even still, maybe we'll be able to sneak these into the mix the next time we DJ a Sweet 16 party.

Download: Aidonia f. Chris Martin, "Summer Girl"

Download: Aidonia, "Siddung N Boom Boom Pow (Refix)"

Aidonia Wants To Be On The Radio (In America)